Agario Tips that You Need to Keep in Mind

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Every year, there are thousands of online games being introduced that can be played solo or with other players in the computer and some even in mobile phone. Agario is one of the popular games that can be played both in cellphones and computers. Furthermore, Agario is a game that can be played by many players around the world all at once and is also made based on Agar, an actual substance like jelly. The players of the game will manipulate a small jelly circle and will eat the other smaller circle to make it larger.

Agario Tips that You Need to Keep in Mind

The game Agario may seems to be really easy but it’s not, because there might be a chance that you will encounter an aggressive player that will hunt and eat you no matter how hard you try to avoid them. So in playing this game, it is needed that you are really good in manipulating your jelly-like circle or blob for it to have a longer life. However, if you have a hard time playing it, then you probably need some Agario tips. Tips that can really help you become strong and good in the game.

Agario Tips that You Need to Keep in Mind

Agario Tips that You Need to Keep in Mind

Tips in playing Agario

  1. When your blob is still small, hide behind the viruses to protect it – this tip is really effective and advisable especially when you just started the game because there is a big possibility that you will encounter big blobs that could eat you. Hiding behind the viruses in the game can help you survive especially when a bigger blob is hunting you. Once the blob is bigger compared to the viruses, the virus will break the larger blobs the moment it touches it.
  2. Use corners and edges – when you are hunting a smaller blob, using of the corners and edges can be a great idea. Using it can make the blob that you are hunting trapped and living it no choice but to let itself be eaten.
  3. Split your blob if it’s already huge – one of the effective Agario tips is splitting your huge blob every time you are hunting. The bigger your blob is, the slower you are, but once you already split it, your movement speed will become faster. With that advantage, you can eat high number of smaller blobs near you and you can also travel faster.
  4. Make use of virus to break your opponent – as what have mentioned a while ago, viruses can split blobs that is bigger, that is why one of the Agario tips is to use a virus. The virus is indeed a great opportunity to use it against the bigger blobs. You just need to shoot the virus in front of them really fast for it to collide with each other, making the bigger blob broke.

Now that you already know the effective tips in playing the game, there is a big chance that you can be really good in the game, especially in manipulating or controlling your blob. But, if you think that you really don’t have a future in the game even if you’re following the mentioned tips above but still wants to continue playing it, then the best tip for you is to use cheats. There are many possible cheats that you can find in the internet, with it you will definitely no hard time in playing the game.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you are already aware with these Agario tips, you can already get started with an exciting game. Your friends have already enjoyed this exciting game. Would you want to be left behind?

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