Belgium vs Sweden: The departure of the greatest Swedish player ever

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It was a sad night for all Swedish fans as their team not only failed to qualify for the Euros, but also saw the retirement of Swedish all time great and the potent strike force Zaltan Ibrahimovic, who had already announced that he would retire from the international scene after the end of the Swedish campaign in the tournament. This would be not the fare wale tournament that Zaltan Ibrahimovic would have carved about as his team was winless in this year’s Euros and even suffered a defeat at the hands of Belgium in the dying minutes of the game. He failed to live up to his own standards as he was not able to score a single goal for his team and the same was the case with the rest of their team.

Belgium vs Sweden: The departure of the greatest Swedish player ever

Even before the match was started the pundits and the fans have already known that Belgium will progress with a win into the knockouts with a win.

Belgium vs Sweden: The departure of the greatest Swedish player ever

Belgium vs Sweden: The departure of the greatest Swedish player ever

The thing that no one predicted was that Sweden who will put a fight with the red devils and will be a hard fought victory for the Belgium team. Sweden team were good with their performances as they had 4 shots on goal, the same team that failed to have a single shot on goal in the last two matches. The match started with the tempo as Belgium started dominating the game but was not able to find the back of the net. Swedish team they played with spirits held high but felt victim to the brilliance of AS Roma man Nainggolan who hit a superb 25 yard strike that flew into fell into the back of net after suffering a minor deflection. This win was not able to take Belgium to the top spot and they will be the only team that will be happy even after finishing second as they avoided the Spanish challenge.

Kevin de Bruyne is a savior of the Belgium team

Few years before Eden hazard was called a blessed talent and was touted to become of greatest Belgium player ever, Kevin de Bruyne was nothing more than a utility man for the team. Years after that Kevin de Bruyne has become the team’s most crucial player and that too only with his hard work. This man has improved so much in the last few years that is worth watching and Kevin de Bruyene is proving that at this year’s Euros. He was undoubtedly the man of the match. His performances were once again brilliant coming up with some brilliant set piece deliveries and crosses that surely should have found the back of the goal if it wasn’t for the poor strike force. What was worth watching is that Kevin de Bruyne also became the savior of his team as he cleared Andreas Granqvist header, which could have surely changed the outcome of the match.

Ibra time great hails goodbye

It was quite an emotional night for Zaltan Ibrahimovic as his illustrious career ended in despair. He was no doubt a potent force in Sweden and stepped up to them whenever he was needed and is 62 goals are the sound proof of this. The Swedish superman couldn’t lift his team in his last international tournament appearance as he was not able to score a single goal which was shown by his frustrations.

The road ahead for the Belgium team

The win earned them a second spot in the group and his the first time when they have won two back to back matches. Belgium will face Hungary who looks as mediocre team on the cards but can be really dangerous which they proved by being on top of their group.

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