Bowling Tips for Beginners

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There is more fun in Bowling. This is the all-time sport which everybody can enjoy. From family, friends and even companies have organized their leagues for this amazing game. No one could ever resist playing this great game.

Bowling Tips for Beginners

From merely watching someone that plays, paves way for you to also dream of playing this game. This is the high time for you to unleash the player in you.


Here are some bowling tips for beginners like you!

  1. First things first. Before starting the real game, as a beginner you need to first learn the safety and etiquettes in bowling. This is the most important among the bowling tips avoiding any further injury or misconduct once you step into the lane. Have the required equipment and for safety, you can ask for some help and guide from the right person on the bowling alley.
  2. Have a proper grip on the ball. On the top two holes, insert your middle and ring finger and your thumb into the bottom hole. Hold the ball to your side and your other hand hold the bottom side of the ball for support purposes.
  3. Walk towards the foul line. Have the proper posture whenever you are already to strike. The posture should be:

Stand with your back straight, shoulders must be balanced squarely towards the target and your back should be leaned slightly forward. The feet should be properly positioned. If you are a right handed bowler, slide your left foot slightly in front of your right foot. For left handed, do it in the other way.

  1. You should aim for the ball. Roll the ball at the center; this should be your aim as a beginner. This is the bowling tip that you need to follow in order to develop your bowling skills. When you already get the grip or hook to the ball, you can now try the left or right part of these marks. Important for this bowling tip: ignore the pins; just concentrate first at aiming for the marks.
  2. Let go of the ball. Release the ball by swinging it with your arm from the back and then forward. Your thumb should be the first one to be detached from the ball then followed with the other fingers. This is the proper way of releasing the ball as it will help in the movement of the ball. Do not look anywhere; just try to focus yourself on what you are doing. Losing attention on what you are doing will mean losing your balance and your aim.
  3. Hold on to your position. After releasing the ball, you should be back in the starting position. Pose for a while, just waiting for the ball to go into the pocket and strike the pins. This will help your body to be in the condition again after the tension of releasing the ball.

This is the very goal of each bowler once he or she once they already have the ball in their hands; release it have a strike. If you’re lucky to have your ball towards the right path, you will be able to strike all the targets. But if not, then it is a split and you need to focus on hitting the spares. The term “washout” is referred to as the strike that you need to do in order for you to knock down the remaining pins. Sure it does because having two or three remaining pins means a difficult obstacle that you need to face in order for you to get a high score. It is very crucial and there is a tendency that you will not be able strike the bowling split. So you need to know the right attacks or techniques suitable, whether you are left or a right handed person. Master these six easy bowling tips for you to become a good bowler.

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