What to know about Tai Chi?

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What to know about Tai Chi? Tai Chi is a way of moving. This is an ancient tradition of Chinese people but today it is practiced as a form of exercise. It is also called Tai Chi chuan, a noncompetitive, self-paced routine of stretching and physical exercise. This martial arts has different styles. Each style may emphasize various methods and principles. Based on some records, Tai Chi started 2,500 years ago. It involves gentle, reflective movements that originally designed for self-defense and promote inner peace.

What to know about Tai Chi?

According to Marvin Smalheiser who is a Tai Chi historian, some of the Tai Chi masters are well known because of them effortlessly throwing an attacker to the floor.


What to know about Tai Chi?


In Chinese traditional medicine, people are said to be a miniature form of the universe, and they believed to be made of the constant relations of the five elements (water, wood, metal and earth). It is thought that these elements flow in a unified manner throughout the body as the phases on the universal qi. Qi is the life force. The basic body energy that moves along the pathways of the body and this is called meridian.


There is where Tai Chi (qi) originates. It is a discipline involves the breath, mind and movement to make a normal balance of energy, which can be used in recreation, work or self-defense. Just like yoga, there are many varieties of qigong and five main traditions: Buddhist, Taoist, Martial Arts, Confucian and Medical.

Every individual who practices Tai Chi has the opportunity to gain more health benefits. Tai Chi does not only exercise the muscles it stretches and twists all the body parts. It is like a massage in the in the internal organs. With all the massaging and the twisting, blood and energy can flow all over the body. Tai Chi experts experience aliveness. They increase balance, coordination and simple moving. Tai Chi is beneficial for both precautionary medicine and reinstating health after illness or injury.

Stress Management- stress is not the main risk factor for deadly conditions such as stroke and heart attacks. With the regular practice of Tai Chi, one can deal with stress problems. Experts will teach you to overcome feelings and negative thoughts. Tai Chi also strengthens the immune system, mental and emotional shield. The difficulties of living are stressful for every adult. However, no one can point directly research that can show that Tai Chi can help in the reduction of stress. The connection of the mind and the body requires a special attention. It has been stated that breathing corresponds with the body movement and the coordination of the eye and the hand promotes calmness.

Self-Defense- Tai Chi was developed to be an effective martial art. Those people who choose to practice Tai Chi as a martial art will gain a self-defense skill. Fighting skills needs a good health. Tai Chi as a self- defense integrates inner energy principles of qi development and use. This internal martial art uses internal movements and external movements. It depend more on relaxation rather than the muscular strength against the opponents.

Precautions before Taking Tai Chi

Tai Chi is gentle for everyone. However, if are suffering from arthritis or orthopedic condition that may limit your flexibility or if you are pregnant or other medical illness that might affect your exercise, it is best to consult your doctor first before you take Tai Chi.

What you get to lose?

Regular practice of Tai Chi can enhance your aerobic capacity, flexibility, balance and muscular strength it can also develop your well-being and reduces your stress. This meditative exercise is an ancient approach that combines effective, simple and beneficial exercise, which is practiced to improved concentration, health and relaxation. Learning this martial can be a significant advantage to the health and to the ability to relax in a stressful culture. Tai Chi movements are extensively acknowledge helping in calming the emotions and strengthen the immune system.

Body Alignment and Body Mechanics

Tai Chi is an exercise that involves core muscles effortlessly, while calming the outer muscle layer. This gives the fluidity and grace. Tai Chi has a low impact and it can be done during the post-surgery and injury recovery. The meditative step of Tai Chi lets the practitioner to relax and work on the physical alignment matters that cannot be addressed by other forms of exercise because of quickness o movements.

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